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We're now part of Epic Games UK! Visit epicgames.com/careers to see our job listings.

August 5, 2014 - Epic Games announces the formation of Epic Games UK, which sets up longtime collaborator and trusted partner Pitbull Studio as a fully integrated team driving Unreal Engine 4 development in the region.

”Pitbull has been essential in helping us develop the best tools and technology for building the next generation of games” said Tim Sweeney, Epic's founder and CEO. ”They've been invested in UE4's evolution since its early beginnings, and their dedication is unflinching.”

Working alongside Epic Games on Unreal Engine 4, Pitbull's programmers and artists have helped develop a wide variety of the engine's features, including rendering, audio, physics, visual scripting, UI, documentation tools, platform support, localization tools and much more.

Visit www.unrealengine.com to keep up with our latest work.

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”Epic has a great history working with Pitbull Studio. We can count on them to provide reliable engineering resources, and they're helping us prepare for the next generation of games.”

Daniel Vogel Director of Engineering
Epic Games
”On a recent project we asked Pitbull to help us with a number of challenging technical problems. They quickly brought to bear their enormous technical knowledge and ability with the Unreal Engine with immediate impact on our goals. Throughout the time we worked with them they worked quickly and communicated clearly. It would be great to benefit from their experience again on a future project. They have unique skills outside of Epic, I would be very happy to consult them on any future Unreal project I'm involved with.”

Jules Davis Technical Director
Vatra Games